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Irbec was in Morocco between 2nd and 7th December 2014

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ziya Irbec, MHP Antalya Deputy attended a serious of meetings in Morocco between 2nd and 7th December 2014.





Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ziya İRBEÇ, MHP Antalya Deputy attended the Parliamentarian 8th Consultative Assembly Meeting of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as the Executive Board Member of the Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) and as the Vice Chairman of the Peace and Democracy Programme, jointly held by the Moroccan Parliament and the PGA on 4th December 2014 in Rabat, Morocco. The latest developments in the field of human rights were discussed at the meeting. The importance of the role of parliamentarians emphasised in ensuring the universality and effectiveness of the Rome Statute and the exchange of ideas on these issues were made.




Furthermore, 36th Annual Forum and Board Members’ Meeting of the PGA was held in Rabat on 6th December 2014 where current developments in the world were discussed.













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